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Born in Nebraska, I am the oldest of four children. Our family moved around a lot as I was growing up, which taught me to be resilient, flexible, creative, to fit in where I could, and go with the flow of life. I also learned that passion and skill in what you do in the world must be in alignment in order to be successful. The immeasurable experiences through my travels, educational training, and life experiences have profoundly impacted my life. And the Midwestern journey has taught me to deal with all situations with grace, tenacity, understanding, and empathy for those who seek out my assistance. My background as a hockey player taught me resiliency and produced a work effort centered on obtaining “goals”, a perspective I bring to the practice of law. These traits are infused into my client interactions.

As an attorney, my training in litigation, construction, real estate, bankruptcy, corporate and business law has given me a fantastic foundation to assist you in the crafting of superior and unrivaled planning for the evolution of your business. These skill sets have allowed me to help owners realize the ultimate financial dividend and value in their company(s). And my passion for continuous growth fuels my commitment to support and aid those who I serve. All of this combined with my unique non-legal training through various business programs allows me to use my expanded knowledge and experience to lead all those seeking my assistance, most notably via succession and exit planning.

Succession Planning

No two business clients are alike. Challenges, and dare I say, “pain” exists when it is time for a person to consider selling their company. Do you find yourself saying, “I am thinking about selling my business, but I am not sure when or how-how do I get started?” or “I have an offer, now what” or “I want to sell immediately, can you help me?” Every business owner will get to a point where they are ready to take the next step in their life, and if this applies to you, the time to start planning for that change is NOW.

From small business clients to multi-billion-dollar transactions, I work with buyers & sellers to complete business transactions in a manner that achieves my client’s objectives while instilling confidence that all details are considered and vetted. I work with a wide variety of clients and provide the tools needed to simplify and streamline the complex world of Succession Planning for the best outcomes. My systematic approach is collaborative and applies a consistent set of steps, giving my clients the ability to develop a unique and customized action plan. Either a merger or an acquisition will help you achieve your business monetization, and if either is your vehicle to exit your company, I can help you!

My clients are confident all the details have been handled, all the way up to the crucial moment of closing. My ability to question and challenge what clients want to accomplish is my strength.

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I recently closed an M&A project in which I provide investment banking advice and David was the lead attorney representing my client. I found David to be very well informed about the client’s business, the legal issues the client and its Board of Directors faced in completing the transaction and the steps necessary to bring the transaction to a successful conclusion. David and his team were very responsive to time sensitive issues and seemed to have a good sense of when it was critical to push hard on behalf of the client and when to move on for the sake of a successful transaction.

Terry Christenberry

Managing Director, CC Capital Advisors

Our economic conditions today demand going where your competition hasn’t – with either new markets or new approaches. Working with Dave Seitter provides my clients the opportunity to reach new markets without great expense in marketing or infrastructure development. Dave works with his clients as strategic business partners first and then explores how to help them find new opportunities in government contracting with a profitable and realistic sale cycle. Dave brings a ‘client first’ approach and is someone you should definitely talk with prior to entering into government contracting. He is a unique individual who brings the perspective of business results as well as technical expertise. I encourage you to seek his counsel.

I can’t think of a better person to represent me than David he is very thorough and dedicated and smart.

Breandan Filbert

Managing Partner, Salezworks

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Dave during some of the most critical times in my life. Dave was highly recommended to me by an industry leader in Kansas City and I am happy to say, I am more than pleased with his performance. Dave clearly established a plan of strategy on how we were going to meet my goals. He provided a wealth of industry knowledge and crafted a negotiating process that best suited my circumstances. Needless to say, we were successful in creating a “win-win” situation for all. I have personally recommended Dave and will continue to based on his morals, ethics and infinite wisdom. If you are looking for an attorney, you can call anyone, if you are looking for a “strategic partner”, call Dave.

Todd Riley

CEO, Creative Blow Mold Tooling

I am located in NYC and my relationship with David included representing me in certain strategic matters and also as part of a mentor group. Dave is very strategic, thoughtful and results oriented. He has an insatiable appetite for knowledge and it shows.

I can’t think of a better person to represent me than David he is very thorough and dedicated and smart.

Lloyd Streisand

Team Leader Mortgage Loan Originations, U.S. Bank

It is my privilege to provide a recommendation for David Seitter. Based on nearly 25 years of working together on various clients, I am amazed at the high level of commitment David has to his clients and to their prosperity and growth. David takes a genuine interest in not only his client’s business but also in the client themselves. He is the actual definition of a “trusted advisor”. Whether his client has a rather simplistic legal question or is processing through a multi-million dollar merger and acquisition transaction, David is committed to providing the most favorable outcome and works diligently to accomplish it. In addition, David has demonstrated a passion for advancing the success of other professionals that he encounters by devoting time and energy to leadership and mentoring without any anticipation of recognition. This is a quality not seen as often as it should be in today’s professional society.

Joyce Farris, CPA, CGMA

Managing Director, CBIZ MHM LLC

Calling Dave “just another attorney” would be like calling Google “just another website.” As a business leader with an impassioned dedication to his clients’ needs, his ability to transform pain into progress sets the standard for client services in the legal profession. He is a gifted speaker and thought leader who brings a rare but natural, savvy sense of entrepreneurship into an industry where tradition often triumphs over innovation. On a personal level, he is intellectual, energetic and manages to find the (appropriate) humor in every situation. I encourage any Kansas City professional seeking a legal business adviser or mentor to contact Dave; there are few lawyers out there like him.

Amelia K.

Events and Community Engagement Manager, The Bush School

Dave is very pragmatic lawyer who is always looking for the best long term business solution. I have enjoyed working with Dave for 8 years and am always impressed with the creative and innovative ideas he brings to a business in a very low key style. He focus is always on whats best for his client.

Rick Maner

Director, CFO Systems, LLC

Dave is not your typical merger and acquisitions, business and estate planning attorney. Yes, he is certainly an expert in these legal and professional areas. What sets Dave apart is his unique ability to connect with people, truly care, understand and assist the client with the best overall strategies to serve their specific needs. Dave utilizes his vast network of resources to get the right experts on the “job” to take care of the client. At the same time, his attention to detail and follow up clearly demonstrates his mindset of client first. It is truly a pleasure and privilege to be part of the team with Dave Seitter!

Terri Lewis, CLU, ChFC

Financial Advisor, Prime Capital Investment Advisors

I have known and worked with Dave for many years. What has impressed me most is his consultative approach with a client. He truly wants to understand what is best for them first, then develop the right approach.

In a recent project with me, Dave and his team were very collaborative and responsive to bring the transaction to close and achieve the goal.

Jeff Stokes

President, Next Level Contractor

Dave is a class act and my “go to” guy for all things transaction related. He’s a phenomenal referral partner and an expert in his field. I look forward to working with you Dave. Thanks! Jeff

Jeff Crooks

Senior Partner, Apex Business Advisors

Quiet Plans – Exciting Results: 47 Trusted Secrets to Big Business Success

After 40 years as a practicing attorney, I have collected firsthand accounts of the successes of various business owners to share with you. These lessons are condensed into easy-to-read chapters for every business owner or for those who wish to become a business owner. My stories lead you into the use of mergers and acquisitions as a methodology for exponential growth and how it helped my client’s business and their ultimate exit. Get introduced to common sense pointers on choosing the right professional to help you succeed in your business. I have been described as a holistic professional, bringing more than legal knowledge to the table, with a unique emotional touch for the care and feeding of business owners. Through the use of quotes and lessons in each chapter, you will receive an abundance of experiential stories as well as guideposts to achieve their ultimate success!

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