Insights from Leaders: Beginning, Running, and Selling Your Business

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The Journey From Employee to Business Owner with Todd Riley

Todd Riley shares his personal journey from design engineer to owner of Creative Blow Mold Tooling, offering insights into the challenges and strategies of acquiring a business and overcoming “deal fatigue.” Highlighting the importance of personal ownership and the support of a dedicated team, Riley’s story is a compelling guide for anyone looking to make the leap into business ownership.

The ‘Book’ Author with Jennifer Peek

Jennifer Peek discusses the critical role of creating a comprehensive ‘book’ for potential business buyers. She emphasizes transparency and the necessity of addressing potential issues upfront.

Jennifer provides a detailed overview of what to include in your ‘book’ to maintain buyer trust and maximize your business’s appeal.

Maximizing Business Growth and Exit Value with Exec HQ’s Jim Hoggatt

Jim Hoggatt of Exec HQ outlines his approach to consulting, focusing on a family-first organization and the execution of growth, profitability, and exit strategies. Sharing success stories and emphasizing the importance of preparation for a high-value exit, Hoggatt’s insights are invaluable for business owners eyeing growth or transition.

The Sellers Journey with Denise Logan

Denise Logan explores the emotional complexities of selling a business, discussing what work provides beyond financial stability and the impact of transition on a business owner’s identity. Offering a unique perspective on payment structures and the importance of addressing emotional needs during the selling process, Logan’s expertise is crucial for navigating this life-changing event.