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Dave Seitter brings together a diverse array of experts—Todd Riley, Jennifer Peek, Jim Hoggatt, and Denise Logan—to share their insider perspectives on navigating the complexities of business growth, valuation, and emotional transitions associated with selling.

From mastering the art of deal-making to understanding the deep emotional ties that bind an owner to their business, these conversations offer invaluable insights for aspiring and current business owners.

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About David

Born in Nebraska, I am the oldest of four children. Our family moved around a lot as I was growing up, which taught me to be resilient, flexible, creative, to fit in where I could, and go with the flow of life. I also learned that passion and skill in what you do in the world must be in alignment in order to be successful. The immeasurable experiences through my travels, educational training, and life experiences have profoundly impacted my life. And the Midwestern journey has taught me to deal with all situations with grace, tenacity, understanding, and empathy for those who seek out my assistance. My background as a hockey player taught me resiliency and produced a work effort centered on obtaining “goals”, a perspective I bring to the practice of law. These traits are infused into my client interactions.

As an attorney, my training in litigation, construction, real estate, bankruptcy, corporate and business law has given me a fantastic foundation to assist you in the crafting of superior and unrivaled planning for the evolution of your business. These skill sets have allowed me to help owners realize the ultimate financial dividend and value in their company(s). And my passion for continuous growth fuels my commitment to support and aid those who I serve. All of this combined with my unique non-legal training through various business programs allows me to use my expanded knowledge and experience to lead all those seeking my assistance, most notably via succession and exit planning.