Ep. 27 — From Door-to-Door Salesman to Publishing Empire with Greg Justice

by | Sep 5, 2023

Welcome to the “Show Me The Way” podcast with David Seitter

In this episode of “Show Me The Way,” Dave sits down with Greg Justice, Owner of AYC Health & Fitness, and CEO of Scriptor Publishing Group, to discuss how he transitioned from door-to-door salesperson, to beginning a new business and industry in Kansas City, to leading a national publishing company.

Ep. 27 — From Door-to-Door Salesman to Publishing Empire with Greg Justice

Dave begins by having guest Greg Justice shares his inspirational journey from humble beginnings to creating a publishing powerhouse. Greg says that his early life experiences cultivated a strong work ethic in him, which was further fortified by a tough stint in the coal mines of eastern Kentucky. The rigorous work in the mines financed his college education and helped him achieve an impressive 4.0 GPA in exercise science.

The transformational phase of his life began when he started working as a door-to-door salesperson. With only $40 in his pocket and a dream to create something meaningful, Greg embarked on an entrepreneurial journey. He leveraged his background in exercise science to introduce a novel concept in Kansas City – personal training. Despite the skepticism and lack of industry precedent, Greg persisted and managed to transform his door-to-door sales venture into Kansas City’s first personal training center.

Greg attributes his success to a clear vision, a relentless drive, unyielding determination, and disciplined execution. He believes that when an individual finds their direction and passion, they can accomplish great things.

Greg also discusses his foray into the publishing world, which was inspired by a mentor who recognized his systematized approach to self-publishing. His publishing journey began with self-publishing his first book and evolved into establishing a national publishing company that has helped over 200 authors realize their dreams. The publishing giant he created serves not just the fitness industry, but also the financial and real estate industries, and Olympic athletes, among others.

Throughout the discussion, Greg emphasizes the importance of mentorship in his journey. He considers his mentors pivotal in shaping his success and is eager to offer similar guidance to others aspiring to follow in his footsteps

Successful Business and Succession Planning

Dave asks Greg to share his insights and experience about starting a business and planning for its future. Greg explains how he started his second and third businesses, including the publishing company. He emphasizes the importance of planning for the end right from the beginning and adjusting as life’s unpredictability presents new challenges and opportunities.

He also admits that even the best-laid plans will face bumps in the road. A perfect example is his personal training business, where his succession plan involved his son taking over the business. However, when his son took a job at the Federal Reserve, it required them to revisit and rework their plan.

Greg advises entrepreneurs is to find people who have been there, who have done that, and are willing to share their experiential knowledge. This guidance, in turn, can be shared with the next generation.

He also references Dave’s book “Quiet Plans, Exciting Results” and highlights several key qualities for success. Greg jokes about how his wife defines his determination as a ‘PhD’ which, in their relationship, stands for Pig Headed Determination.

Greg reminds listeners that despite the appearance of doing it all on his own, he attributes his success to his faith, mentors, and supportive individuals in his life. His journey from door-to-door salesman to a successful publisher illustrates the power of resilience, vision, and effective planning. He underscores the importance of having a plan, being adaptable, and seeking mentorship in one’s journey towards success.

Reaching Out and Seeking Assistance

Greg finishes by acknowledging that he is now in a position to give back to the community and is willing to offer assistance to those who reach out to him. This sentiment is a testament to his belief in the power of community and mutual support, reinforcing the notion that success is not a solitary journey but a shared one.

To learn more about Greg, or to get in touch with him, visit his website – https://gregjustice.com/



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