Ep. 28 — The Quarterback to NFL Trainer and Beyond with Todd Durkin (part 1)

by | Sep 19, 2023

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In this episode of “Show Me The Way,” Dave sits down with Todd Durkin, a Master Motivator, Coach, Keynote Speaker, Podcast Host, Husband, Father, And IMPACT Maker. Todd takes us on a journey through his life, sharing his experiences with adversity, his incredible recovery from a physical injury, and his eventual triumph as a successful fitness entrepreneur with his business, Fitness Quest 10.

Ep. 28 — The Quarterback to NFL Trainer and Beyond with Todd Durkin

Todd began his transformation when he was a college quarterback at William and Mary. Todd takes listeners on a deeply personal and inspiring journey, from his early days as a college athlete to becoming a mindset guru and successful fitness entrepreneur. This transformational journey was not without challenges, and it is in overcoming these that Todd found his true purpose and passion.

From College Athlete to Mindset Guru

As a college quarterback, Todd experienced a series of life-changing events that began to shape his mindset and perspective on life. The first was the sudden death of his father, his biggest cheerleader, mentor, and fan. This was a devastating blow for Todd, who was just 20 years old at the time. This loss forced him to question his faith, his purpose, and the meaning of life. However, it was during this difficult time that he learned a valuable lesson about resilience and perseverance.

Todd reveals that his father wrote him a handwritten letter every single day when he was in college, something he still remembers to this day. This showed him the power of words and communication, and he carries this lesson with him in his current role as a mindset guru, understanding the profound impact words can have on people’s lives.

Following his father’s death, Todd pursued his dream of becoming an NFL player, traveling to Europe to play football. However, a serious back injury brought an abrupt end to his football career. This setback led to a period of soul-searching and personal growth. Despite the pain and disappointment, Todd saw this as an opportunity to reinvent himself and pursue a new path.

After returning to the U.S, Todd immersed himself in learning about fitness and wellness, focusing on ways to recover from his injury without surgery. This journey led him to meet various gurus and healers, sparking his interest in mindset and personal growth.

Starting a Gym

Todd then discusses his journey from being a college quarterback to owning his fitness business, Fitness Quest 10. He delves into the challenges and setbacks he faced while setting up his business and the crucial lessons he learned throughout the journey.

He highlights the role of prayer and intuition in his journey. He credits these elements for guiding him through the difficult stages of starting a business and helping him remain resilient and motivated in the face of adversity. He recalls how his gym’s inception started humbly at a health fair, and with determination and hard work, he was able to evolve it into a holistic fitness approach that now offers services like one-on-one training, massage therapy, and Pilates.

Interestingly, Todd points out that success is not always measured by money. For him, the impact his business is making on people’s lives is the real measure of success. This mindset, he suggests, is vital for those just starting out in their career, as it allows them to focus on their passion and the value they bring, rather than just financial gain.

He offers valuable insights into the process of starting a gym or any business, emphasizing the importance of passion, resilience, and a strong belief in one’s capabilities. Todd’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those in the fitness industry, showing them that success can be achieved through perseverance, passion, and the desire to make a positive impact.

Choosing a Location and Evolving Business

Todd shares his journey from stumbling upon the location for his fitness business, Fitness Quest 10, to evolving his business to meet the needs of his growing clientele.

He explained that he was conducting a health fair when he stumbled upon a location for his gym. He had been driving around looking for a suitable location and this space in a shopping center felt right. Durkin expressed that he felt an emotional connection to the location, even envisioning people working out, smiling, and high-fiving each other in the space. He contacted the landlord, negotiated three months rent-free, and set up shop.

However, his business started slowly. Todd shared that in the initial months he was primarily working out alone. He realized he needed to network within the community to attract clients. It was only when his first client walked in that the momentum started building.

Todd’s business model was different from conventional big-box gyms. His studio offered one-on-one training, massage therapy, bodywork, and Pilates. Within six months, Durkin’s schedule was full, conducting 40 to 50 sessions one-on-one a week. His clientele expanded from ordinary individuals to world-class athletes who came for both physical training and mindset coaching.

He stresses the importance of having a unique selling point for any business. For him, it was his ability to address both physical pain and the mental aspects of training. He said that he often attracted clients who had back pain, as he himself had experienced severe back pain and had spent years finding ways to manage it.

Todd’s business continued to evolve. He expanded his facility twice to accommodate his growing client base. He invested in creating a high-performance facility for the world-class athletes he was training. However, Durkin emphasized that while his clientele included world-class athletes, his services were available to everyone. He shared that his mission has always been to use Fitness Quest 10 as a vehicle to share his gifts and passion for fitness and wellness.

He shared that over the last seven years, he has begun doing more speaking engagements and motivational talks, expanding his reach and impact beyond his fitness business. This expansion has allowed him to reach more people and help them on their personal and professional journeys.



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