Ep. 41 — The Business Continuity Entrepreneur: Insights from Chris Foote

by | Mar 19, 2024

Welcome to the “Show Me The Way” podcast with David Seitter

In this episode of “Show Me The Way,” Dave sits down with Chris Foote, Owner of Coronado Fitness Club, and a business continuity entrepreneur who turned his passion for fitness into a thriving venture in the health industry. Chris shares his journey, insights, and the lessons learned along the way.

Ep. 41 — The Business Continuity Entrepreneur: Insights from Chris Foote

Like most successful business narratives, Chris Foote’s journey starts modestly and evolves into something monumental. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Chris’s formative years instilled in him a strong work ethic. After attending Texas Tech University and realizing that his athletic career was not his calling, he ventured into the world of fitness training.

Living in San Diego, Chris was inspired by the wonderful community of Coronado and noticed an opportunity for a firsthand, community-spirited gym. Starting from scratch, he created a business that was all about community, hard work, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Mentorships and Understanding Your Strengths

Reflecting on his journey, Chris shares three critical insights that he has gained:

1.    The Power of Mentorship

One of Chris’s strongest recommendations for budding entrepreneurs is to seek out a mentor. In his third year of business, Chris hired a coach, which he describes as a game-changing decision. A good mentor not only offers valuable experience and guidance but also lends perspective, enabling entrepreneurs to see their businesses and themselves more clearly.

2.    Self-awareness is Key

Chris underscores the importance of deep self-awareness. All entrepreneurs should take the time to understand their strengths and areas of growth. He advises going through personality tests and introspective exercises to learn more about oneself. When faced with challenges, it is essential to realize, “you’re the solution.”

3.    Develop Your Systems from Day One

Finally, Chris emphasizes the need for robust, well-defined business systems. Whether it is administrative tasks or daily operations, having clear processes and protocols will pave the way for smoother functioning and scalability.

Looking Ahead: Vision For the Future

As he looks forward to age 65, Chris envisions himself remaining engaged in business, perhaps even in a different capacity. Moreover, he hopes to work in some capacity with his children if it aligns with their visions. For Chris, success at age 65 does not simply mean profitable transactions; it comes from continued growth, self-fulfillment, and nurturing strong family bonds.

It All Comes Down to Community

Chris’s success story highlights the importance of community in business. In his fitness club in Coronado, everyone — staff and members — shares a sense of belonging and team spirit. This, he believes, is the lifeblood of his business.

Business continuity is no simple task, but with resilience, courage, and the right attitude, it is achievable. Whether you are an established business owner, a budding entrepreneur, or someone dreaming of starting a venture, Chris’s journey offers exciting insights and an inspiring narrative of entrepreneurial achievement.


To learn more about Chris or Coronado Fitness club, visit their website: https://www.coronadofitnessclub.com/


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