Ep. 43 — Unearthing the Roots of Success with Ron Keith

by | Apr 16, 2024

Welcome to the “Show Me The Way” podcast with David Seitter

In this episode of “Show Me The Way,” Dave sits down with Ron Keith, CEO of Arbor Masters, to discuss the evolution of the tree care industry but also the personal and professional growth of a passionate entrepreneur.

Ep. 43 — Unearthing the Roots of Success with Ron Keith

Ron’s narrative isn’t just the story of a business; it’s the legacy of a passion that branched out through generations. Born and raised in Kansas City, Ron’s roots in the tree care industry were planted by his grandfather in Norton, Louisiana, and nurtured by his father in Kansas City. This familial bond with trees wasn’t merely a profession but a way of life that Ron eagerly embraced from a young age. His commitment to never having “had a real job” because he’s doing what he loves is a testament to finding one’s calling.

The Pillars of Success: Culture, Risk, and Education

  1. Cultivating the Right Culture – For Ron, the amalgamation of businesses wasn’t just about growth. It required a deeper integration – a blending of cultures that mirrored Arbor Masters’ core values and respect for the industry. This approach of working on projects together before finalizing acquisitions ensures that the company expands without diluting its essence.
  2. Embracing Risks and Learning from Failures – Keith’s narrative champions the entrepreneurial spirit of taking calculated risks and learning from failures. He credits his risk-taking ability for the exponential growth of Arbor Masters, highlighting the importance of being fearless yet mindful.
  3. Continuous Learning and Mentorship – Despite admitting to not having been a great student in traditional education, Ron Keith’s dedication to learning from life, experience, and mentors shaped his leadership. This commitment extends beyond personal growth to fostering a culture of mentorship within his company.

Arbor Masters’ Environmental and Social Impact

Ron’s passion for trees transcends business. He speaks fervently about the scientific advancements in tree care that allow Arbor Masters to save trees that would have been lost to disease or improper care. His vision for a greener Midwest and the innovative practices adopted by his company, such as root system revitalization and environmentally safe tree injections, underline a deep-seated commitment to environmental sustainability.

Leadership, Legacy, and Life Lessons

Ron Keith’s philosophy on leadership extends beyond professional confines to personal growth and wellbeing. He emphasizes the importance of leading oneself first, ensuring that personal life is in harmony with professional aspirations. Moreover, his reverence for the Bible as a guide and his approach to continuous learning and applying knowledge pragmatically in life and business underscore a holistic approach to success.

Branching Out Beyond Boundaries

Ron Keith’s journey with Arbor Masters exemplifies how passion, perseverance, and a commitment to core values can cultivate a legacy that impacts not just an industry but also the community and environment. His story isn’t just about the growth of a family-led tree care business to a multi-location enterprise. It’s about planting seeds of passion, nurturing them with education and culture, pruning through calculated risks, and ultimately, growing a legacy that stands tall in the face of time.

In Ron’s pursuit of greening the world, one tree at a time, lies a blueprint for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders. It teaches us that with the right mixture of passion, leadership, and dedication to a cause greater than ourselves, we too can branch out beyond our wildest dreams.



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