Ep. 44 — MAGIK on the Farm with Amber Kivett

by | Apr 30, 2024

Welcome to the “Show Me The Way” podcast with David Seitter

In this episode of “Show Me The Way,” Dave sits down with Amber Kivett of Kivett Kinetic Solutions, LLC, to discuss her remarkable journey from a catastrophic accident to becoming a beacon of hope and healing for many, including celebrities and professional athletes.

Ep. 44 — MAGIK on the Farm with Amber Kivett

Amber’s story is nothing short of miraculous. Born and raised in Indiana, Amber graduated from one of the most prominent sports medicine programs in the country and was set on a path to success. However, life had other plans. A horrific car accident left her with severe spinal injuries, head trauma, fibromyalgia, and thrust her into a battle with the healthcare system as she became overmedicated and disillusioned by the treatments offered to her. This adversity, however, planted the seed for her transformation.

Determined to reclaim her life, Amber fired her entire medical team and sought alternative treatments. Through a blend of acupuncture, herbal detox, and an unwavering will to move again, Amber not only healed herself but also discovered her unique ability to heal others. This led to the creation of her business, where today she uses her sports medicine background, along with an array of holistic healing practices, to help individuals from all walks of life, including some of the world’s most elite athletes and high-profile celebrities.

The Philosophy of MAGIK

Amber’s approach to healing is encapsulated in the acronym MAGIK (Motivation, Acceptance, Greatness, and Gifts, Inspiration, and Kindness). Through her practices, she aims to motivate individuals to be better versions of themselves by accepting them as they are, recognizing their inherent gifts and greatness, inspiring them, and treating them with kindness. This philosophy has drawn clients from all over the world to her sanctuary in Indiana, seeking the magic of her healing touch.

Healing Beyond Physical

Amber’s work goes far beyond physical healing. It touches on the profound aspects of mental and emotional recovery and self-discovery. Her clients, many of whom are dealing with the pressures of fame, physical demands of their careers, or transitions into new life stages, find in Amber a confidante and a healer who can keep their secrets and guide them through their darkest moments.

For those living a high-stress lifestyle, whether in high-stakes corporate environments or in the competitive world of professional sports, Amber’s practice offers a beacon of hope. She emphasizes the importance of de-stressing, recognizing the role of emotions and the mind in physical health, and encourages her clients to find activities that bring them joy and fulfillment beyond their professional achievements.

Amber’s practice is open to all, and she can be reached through her website kksmagik.com or directly at (317) 446-7971. In a world that often prioritizes achievement over well-being, Amber’s work is a vital reminder of the importance of caring for our bodies, minds, and spirits.




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